Hey guys, WhatsApp is a communication application for ioos and Android devices that has become really popular in the past few years. It was officially introduced in 2009 when it started as a small application invented by a group of enthusiast. Nowadays it is one of the top 5 apps used for communication and it is now owned by Facebook.  So after installation you’ll be ready to use WhatsApp with your friends immediately. WhatsApp requires WiFi or HSDPA/3G connection and the good news is that the calls and messages are completely free no matter if you are talking with someone in your country or abroad.
Another thing that makes WhatsApp so attractive is its interface. You can rarely find an app with such a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Even users that have almost no experience with smartphones / tablets can easily browse through this app’s features and find what they want in a matter of seconds Whatsapp spy is a software program based on packet sniffing technique for PC, MAC, IOS, Android and Blackberry. It enables you to spy on any whatsapp profile by giving the victim's mobile number. Whatsapp spy software features includes spy on chat, profile status update, profile picture update, copy the victim'c chat history in text format, send messages to victim's friends and to chat with victim's friends.
*Rooted device
*Your Victim should use same Wifi through which you are connected
*Whatsapp Sniffer Download
*iPhone/iPad (need jailbreak)
*Android (no need rooted device)
*Log in as any phone number registered to the app
*Change Victim's Status
*Change Victim's Profile Picture
*Chat with his contacts
*Chat with groups the Victim is in.
3596 Votes for Yes/ 11 For No
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Your Victim should use same Wifi through which you are connected - See more at:
Your Victim should use same Wifi through which you are connected - See more at:
Your Victim should use same Wifi through which you are connected - See more at:


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